From Nov, 2015

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Fingertip control

When dribbling, your fingertips control the basketball. Many beginners make the mistake of slapping the ball with their palms. This frequently results in the ball being hit too hard, and it means they don’t have good control over the ball.
One exercise can be done to teach this concept.

  • Pick up the basketball and hold it in front of you.
  • Keeping your hands close together, toss the ball back and

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The Value Of Intangibles In The Recruiting Process


July is here and the heart of the AAU basketball season is in full swing. Players and teams from across North America, and in some cases the world (I’ve met coaches and teams from both Dubai and Australia) travel from state to state, gym to gym in hopes of improving their ranking, gaining exposure, and ultimately securing a US college scholarship.

I am fortunate enough to have gone through the recruiting process both as a player, and now as the director of a program where I help parents and players
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Behind the Hype: Canadian Basketball Facilities

Behind the hype

From Sports Illustrated covers to number one draft picks, the level of attention on the Canadian basketball scene is at an all-time high. Basketball is by far Canada’s fastest growing sport and this trend doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon. With all the attention, emerging talent, increased youth programs, enhanced coaching and the start of a professional league in the NBL…has Canada solved its basketball problems?

Watching the growth of the game has been remarkable and exciting at the same time, but with all the hype one has
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