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              Ball Control

Training Tips

Basketball ball control is an important skill to teach. The ability to dribble the basketball well is critical at every level of the sport. But it's a skill that can be challenging for some athletes to learn. Here are several concepts to improve your ability to control the basketball.  

Providing Opportunities

The Hoop Factory is committed to providing an opportunity for all players, regardless of financial ability. Money should never come between a willing child and participation. We believe no price tag can be put on the experience and health benefits of youth sports. We have teamed up with Kidsport Ontario and Canadian Jumpstart who provide assistance for qualifying applicants. Please contact us for more information.
Kiroh Peterkin
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The Hoop factory was very beneficial to my boys (Hargun and Sidak). It has helped them get better at basketball. Hoop factory makes my children work hard,get better at basketball and at the same time let the boys have fun playing and learning the game. This camp has brought the work ethic that they learned at the hoop factory, home. It is a very elite camp. The coaches are great and they all know what they are doing. This camp helps players go to the next level. No matter what level you are in basketball,this camp would be great for you if you want to get better. One of the best camps my boys have gone to
-Satwant Kanwar
I always take the opportunity to take my daughter to The Hoop Factory during March and summer breaks. The reason I do so this, is that The Hoop Factory teaches the fundamentals of basketball while making it a fun experience. She always learns something that she can add to her game.For my daughter, it helps to make her more competitive because she has to scrimmage against boys at the camps. She always enjoys the experience at The Hoop Factory where besides the fun and learning, she has had a chance to meet some cool teachers and players. She has been taught by Vidal Massiah, and has met Akil Augustine, David Joseph, as well as Jabari Craig at different camps. She is looking forward to attending the next scheduled camp.
-Linda I
Training at the hoop factory teaches you a lot of things not only on the court, but off the court as well. It teaches you how to earn your respect, good discipline, and works on how to be mentally and physically strong during the tough times in a game. Training at The Hoop Factory will improve your game all around game, from inside out and. Want to become a good player? The Hoop Factory is the way to go!
-Jabari Craig
NCAA High Major Prospect